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Dear Holidays Author,

After spending a good hour or so meticulously writing up my signup, I'm a bit lost as to what to include here that's any different. But, after reading my signup, you're probably wondering what you've gotten yourself in for, so let me reassure you.

Any in-character schmoop or porn in any of the pairings tagged in my signup will make me very very happy! I do love plot, casefic, monster of the week, and peril, but I'm just as happy with PWP or fluff.

If you do want to delve a little deeper into my likes and dislikes, I have an official wishlist post here, with my favourite kinks and tropes, or you can jump straight to the what not to write for vamp section so you know what to avoid XD

You can contact [personal profile] venis_envy with any further questions you have (@venis_envy on twitter).

And thank you!

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