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Spoiler warning for SPN 11x03 (and the previous eps in the season by default).

So it just hit me this morning that Amara/The Darkness (okay, I'll never not be able to say that without singing ~I believe in a thing called love in my head, just saying) has a lot in common with Jasmine, from Season 4 of Angel.

Old thing, older than God, perhaps (I'm not entirely clear on that with Jasmine, not that God is even a thing in the buffyverse, but we'll go with that anyway). Now, it's some of the shit Amara said in 11x03 that made me start thinking. She questions Crowley on the evil in the world, wouldn't it be better if it was gone, kind of deal (and I'm letting my own interpretation/first impressions guide me here, because I'm not doing rewatches till the end of the season, so the shiny doesn't rub off too quick). My first thought was, oh, is she not this big evil horribad thing that they've all built her up to be? Maybe she could be kinda good for this world full of monsters and evil and HAVEN'T SAM AND DEAN SUFFERED ENOUGH!?

You know?

But shiny happy la la candy land has some serious free will issues, proven by Jasmine (will it be the same here, if it happens? Probably).

And there's the fact that Amara eats souls (though, yay her for eating demons, no bad there, and isn't it nice that she can get all big and strong on what one would think would be a dried out old husk, but no, apparently demon souls are good eating). <-- that's a big old Jasmine similarity, there - though Jasmine didn't leave a trail of soulless madpersons in her wake because she et the whole person, no waste or inconvenient byproducts.

A kid that grows uber-scary-fast. What a surprise (and Crowley, because he's awesome).
A kid that grows uber-scary-fast. What a surprise (and Crowley, because he's awesome).

So, of course The Darkness (~I believe in a thing called love) isn't a 'good' thing, but I don't know that she's flat out evil, either. Death, did, of course, call her destructive, but he also called her amoral, which, by definition, isn't good or bad. So there's that.

So it'll be interesting to see how it all turns out. I was so ready for a more interesting big bad (it's been a few years since we've had one, Metatron is a boring dick (though Metafiction was fun), Abaddon was too evil to be interesting, and all that other angel/heaven shit was totally yawn—the Mark of Cain was certainly gripping, but a bit hard to think of the Mark/Dean as the traditional big bad. There was epic value in manpain there, but I'm ready for something the boys can punch, so to speak), and I'm curious to watch it unfold. Will we end up with candyland and kittens and rainbows? I want to see what moral quandaries that puts before the Winchester boys.

[please don't tell me anything that might have been indicated regarding the rest of the season—I am spoiler-free, and prefer to remain that way, thank you]

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