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Holy fucking evil cliffhangers, batman!

I am very very very excited about this episode. There is just so fucking much and it's only just this minute finished and I want to watch the damn thing all over again (but I'm not allowed because god forbid I wear off the shiny before the end of the season when I will finally allow myself to sit down and marathon the whole thing).

From Rowena fangirling (and drooling) over Lucifer, to Sam's face (omg, was that just, complete and utter terror, or what?) when Lucifer appeared, to Lucifer asking Sam if he wanted to share a bunk (I'll admit, I fucking died of squee), to the surety that Sam was going to say yes (and yep, my timeline is all over the fucking place but my brain is basically mush r/n), to the reveal that it was Lucifer sending him visions this whole time, to the seeming validation of my Darkness theory from earlier in the season, to the fact that the boys teamed up with Crowley again (I <3 Crowley completely, so I was so very pleased), all the way to the absolute glee that I'm going to get to properly ship Sam/Lucifer (I didn't start watching SPN till S8 was airing, so previous seasons were speedily marathoned and Lucifer went by so fast I didn't really have a chance before I was all about Dean & Benny...). *gasps for air*

The entire ep was just so beautiful... And then it cliffhangered. I could scream.

Date: Sat, Dec. 12th, 2015 03:51 am (UTC)
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I'm so happy to see you so excited :D

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