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vamp ([personal profile] vampthenewblack) wrote2016-03-29 11:17 pm

The Magicians 1x11 [SPOILERS]

My ship is canon!!! They gave us a tiny tiny glimpse, but I'm gonna run with it \o/

Quentin & Eliot

Bunch of teases, they are, and it's all messy and complicated (threesome! infidelity!), but I don't fucking care. *clings to tiny glimpse*

ETA: Ep 12 gave us this lovely extended flashback. Bless.


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OOOOOOOooooo I have all the episodes downloaded to watch on my next day off. This certainly makes me want to watch it even more. :D That means 2 slash ships went canon in the same week on tele (malec on shadowhunters as well). Very good week for fannish people!