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Caveat: contains epic spoilers and wild speculation

So. Here's this thing I noticed several weeks ago. In 11x17 - Red Meat, the one with the werewolves where Sam got shot and then choked by the dude they were trying to save (there's some gratitude for you), Dean believed Sam was dead (hell, I believed it), and essentially committed suicide.

Okay, so, his intention was to make a deal or sweet talk the reaper that turned up and bring Sam back. But. Seemed like, if it didn't work and he didn't get saved, that he wouldn't be too cut up about it. Last ditch effort was to offer his own life for Sam's. The general impression I got was that if Sam was dead, Dean didn't see much of a point to being alive.

I'm a big Romeo and Juliet fan, so I spotted the parallels right away, though I honestly don't think the writers were terribly subtle about it. It kinda ticked all the boxes.



(just as an aside, hubby thinks I've got my wincest-tinted glasses on, but he didn't see the ep, just heard about it when I flailed and squeed at him the next day)

The ep kind of made my year, and set my brain working overtime, because the way the ep ended, and the fact that it kind of slapped us in the face with the R&J-ness of it all, set me to speculating on future events. For a long time I've believed that the only way either of them is ever going to stay dead, is if they're both dead. The end of S10 kind of brought that into perspective. The only way to lock MoC!Dean away and have him stay locked up was to kill Sam. For example. I think it's a distinct possibility that hhe series will finally end with the boys both checking out, if not at the same time, at least within a very short time of each other (but not this season, because SEASON TWELVE HOLY SHIT).

So I've been obsessing about that ep for the last several weeks, and then last night, 11x20 - Don't Call Me Shurley (and wasn't that title just a dead giveaway?), aired, and we got this scene:


So, here, Sam's sucked down some of the Darkness Fog, and he's done for. Telling Dean to get out and save himself, and Dean's all like "I'm never leaving you, ever!!" and shit, which is what we expect from him. But then, he very obviously (and yet this particular suicide attempt is a fuckload more subtle than the one in Red Meat), inhales deeply as the fog swirls around his face.

It would probably have been very easy to miss. I even tried to talk myself out of it, until I went back and watched that scene again. I'm convinced. That was a conscious suicide attempt. It was Dean, completely going down with the ship.

Of course, it didn't work, because Amara needs him for something (and that's a whole 'nother blog post right there), but he tried. So. Romeo and Juliet theory cemented. If Sam dies, and without the ability to bring him back, Dean's going to try his darndest to follow him.

Which, in my opinion, is just the most perfect thing I could ever imagine, being a massive R&J fan and all. It all feels like some major foreshadowing, but I don't know whether to expect something over the next few eps for this season, or if it's particularly farsighted on the part of the showrunners. It wouldn't surprise me, I mean, I've been waiting for Chuck to turn up again since 10x05. They're certainly capable of it.

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