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[SPOILERS] SPN 12x01 - Reaction Post

Okay, so I was days late for the party, I knew SPN was restarting in October, but I hadn't gotten around to actually noting the date, and last night I figured I should check, and, lo, it started last week. So I had surprise-new-SPN to watch \o/ It's a bloody good thing I don't spend any time at all in my tumblr timeline, because I can imagine I would have been epically spoiled and we all know how much I hate that.

Mary Winchester is cool

Okay, so I've always thought so. I honestly don't know why I expected S12 Mary to be different from the Mary in the time travel episodes, especially considering the last time we saw young Mary was only about 5 years previous to the character we have now.

Okay, so she looks like more time has passed than that. I've had two children, I can buy that. I don't know if it would have worked as well if they'd used the 'young Mary' actress, because she was brought back to life from the night she died.

All that doesn't matter. She's Mary.

I don't know why I didn't expect to like her. I've always liked her before. Maybe I thought she'd get in the way, change the feel of the show, clutter things up. Okay, it's only been one episode, and Sam's not around, but it doesn't feel cluttered. Especially coming from the end of S11, it definitely doesn't feel cluttered.

I did totally expect her to be all fucked up and traumatized. Which is dumb. She was raised a hunter, she's not some fainting flower. She's kickass, and a little back from the dead situation isn't going to completely freak her out.

She's a little freaked out, sure. She's, again, got to deal with the fact that the children she refused to raise as hunters, were raised as hunters. But I expected to want her story wrapped up nicely and pushed to the side, but I'm not feeling that at all. I want her to endure.

Not all the peripheral characters have to die. Most of them have, sure, it's kind of the peripheral character thing that they have an expiry date. I think I'll be pissed beyond telling if Mary finds the same fate Kevin and Charlie found.

Please, god, don't kill her horribly. Been there, done that, the boys have suffered enough. I can't even imagine what that would do to them.

I do have to say that Mary's return was a whole lot lighter than I expected it to be. She was relatively cool about it, and we even got a joke out of it.


There's always been that parallel between Sam and John and Dean and Mary, but never has the Dean and Mary parallel been more evident than here, as she calls the Impala 'sweetheart' and stares fondly at the interior with that 'I had sex in this car' look on her face.

London Chapter

The Men of Letters have got England sorted. That's impressive. I've actually always wondered what the monster sitch was in the UK, and even wrote in one (unpublished) fic that Britain was monster-free (except for ghosts, which they left alone, because England does like it's history).

I mean, it would be a relatively simple operation, as Toni-whatshername said, to close the borders to monsters. It's an island!

Which is why it pisses me off beyond all recognition that Toni seems to be blaming Sam and Dean for the fact America is still full of monsters? WTF, seriously? I mean, the MoL in America went dark in the 50's and the London chapter didn't think to check that out? Oh, no, we just cleaned out all the monsters in Britain by the 60's and then sat back and let the US get munched, not our problem, oh, until a couple hunters get too high profile and too long-lived, and then we'll just pop over and blame them for all the shit that's gone down since before they were born, that'll make it nice and tidy.

What a bunch of wankers.

(Random observation. They can't keep demons out, as proven by Crowley popping over to Scotland to pick up his bones that time.)

Lucifer and Crowley

Lucifer is burning through whole families of vessels. You know, you might wonder why, when a person sees several members of their family burn through their eyeballs one after another, they'd say 'yes'. But, continuity error notwithstanding, Lucy isn't coping well. Is he running from Crowley? I get why Crowley wants him dead, he was his dog, after all, and he wants his throne back, but is Lucy actively running or is he just fucked up and broken and not able to stick in any one vessel?

I can't help but wonder if he's going to find Sam...


Thinks Dean's dead. He's still got it reasonably together, considering he's been tortured and they're fucking with his mind, but he thinks Dean's dead and I'm convinced that Lucy is going to find him, his true vessel or whatever, and because Sam thinks Dean is dead, he's just going to say yes now that his attempt to escape has been foiled and he might feel as though he's got no other option.

I'm kinda like partly 'oh, that would be fun', because one of my problematic faves is totally Sam and Lucifer, but also, when Sam finds out that Mary is back, I want that reunion to be pure, not messed up with the fact that it's not really Sam.

I'm all torn.

Yeah, I think that's all my rambly post-12x01 feels out.