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Thursday, January 30th, 2014 08:00 am
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This is a personal fandom blog, reflecting personal opinions, observations, and lots of fandom-specific stuff. I don't age restrict for the odd f-word that might slip into an otherwise all-ages post. My fandom interests include subject matter that, while acceptable in a fandom context, isn't acceptable elsewhere. If any of that is likely to offend, you probably shouldn't be here.

Moving On

Thursday, January 30th, 2014 08:10 am
vampthenewblack: Buffy: What in the slashy heck? *I'm* the love of your lives! (slashy heck buffy)
So I've moved myself to Dreamwidth. *waves hello*

I was a devoted WordPress girl for a long, long time. Many years. It's not a terribly fannish place to hang out, but when everyone in old-fandom was using blogger *barf* or LJ *rage* it was the grownup choice.

Those days are of the past. I used to blog in a near-religious fashion, and then I didn't. The great writers block of 2012 happened, I lost my love for old-fandom, and all but stopped blogging like a grownup. Poor neglected WordPress sat idle for most of 2012.

New-fandom happened in 2013 and I started writing again (with a vengeance I might add). Not blogging, though. I tried, but it's a younger fandom, All The Things are on tumblr. My grownup WordPress blog just didn't seem to fit.

2014 being a whole new year and shit, my enthusiasm back with a vengeance due in part to a fantastic year of new-fandom joy, and missing blogging like you wouldn't believe, I decided to try and revive said neglected blog.

Then I remembered part of why it had been bugging me. Follow and like spam. This is the phenomenon in which bloggers follow you and like your posts in hopes that you'll click through to their site. I tend to get profic authors (I figure brought there by the writing tag), but they're not even, like, m/m or erotica authors, which would be entirely logical. Oh no.

It's like: Dude? There's no way you're here for the fic.

The whole process makes me feel a little dirty.

I needed somewhere more fannish in nature.

LJ was out (bad experiences that have led me to believe it's populated almost entirely by crazy people - YMMV. Also, obnoxious browser hijacking ads that render it almost impossible to visit on mobile. And my phone is attached to my hand unless I'm sleeping).

Tumblr I already do, but tumblr is for porn and animated gifs (sometimes at the same time), not for actually 'writing' (those who post actual fic to Tumblr make me O.o).

So here I am. Finding my way around. Panic-flailing, mostly. Poking at the theme and shit. Finding comms that suggest I'm going to be very busy writing in the future.


So anyway, ye old WordPress blog will remain up, I've got meta and shit over there I'll leave up for posterity (pertaining mostly to old-fandom), but I won't be shifting anything over. Apparently you can't import from WordPress, also, a clean slate is very attractive.

Onward. I'm rather excited.

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