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I'm a bit OCD about my fandom experience, lots of funny little do and do-not behaviours that upon explanation tend to be met with blinky stares. I was talking to [ profile] venis_envy the other day about it, and ended up writing a few of them down. While this is tongue-in-cheek and should be taken that way, to be quite honest, this is pretty much how I roll. So. Point, laugh, but go away with a little insight into my particular brand of insanity.

vamp's rules for fangirling

Part One: Canon Consumption

"Canon purity is the one true path to squee."

Don't Wear Off the Shiny

There's a certain number of times one can watch a show or read a book before the fangirl squee starts to lessen. Consume excellence sparingly.

(I can still quote some BtVS scenes word for word)

Don't Break the 4th Wall

Canon is the show (or book) alone. Don't seek out or consume creators commentary or other real world sources. Canon purity is the one true path to squee.

Don't Get Spoilered

Teasers and trailers are over-dramatic sensationalism and can colour the impression of a season or book before it's consumed, lessening the impact and impeding the squee (see also: Don't Wear Off the Shiny).

Avoid other fans lest knowledge of a new character name induce rage spirals.

Consume a Season at a Time

For maximum understanding, marathon whole seasons. Then marathon again. Put it aside, go forth, and write fic at your leisure. It'll be months before you're jossed (or kripked) and you will have an almost spiritual understanding of canon in it's purest form (see also: Don't Break the 4th Wall).

Take a Refresher Course

Marathon what has passed before consuming new canon. Take the time to obsessively record the mythology so that you may wow others with your superior knowledge.

As I wrote this, I realised that this is just a small subset of my obsessive fandom behaviours and is indicative of my current spoiler-avoidance/preparation for Teen Wolf Season 3b. Part Two might be my personal rules for fic consumption. They're similarly quirky.

Please (because I'm socially paranoid and also awkwardly offensive, and recording my own personal way of doing things/looking at the world has offended people before) don't take this as me saying 'this is how everyone should do it'. All I'm doing is recording my own personal method. I've been consuming canon for the purposes of squee for a long time, and I've got what works for me and my admittedly weird-ass brain down to a reasonably fine art.

Date: Tue, Feb. 25th, 2014 09:43 pm (UTC)
thraceadams: (Teen Wolf Stiles in Square)
From: [personal profile] thraceadams
Awww this reminds me of my "Thrace Warning System" post :D However you consume what you consume is how you consume it bb, whatever makes you happiest :D

*HUGS* But OMG I wish the next four weeks would hURRY UP so you can watch and we can dissect :D

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