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2016-10-20 08:41 pm

[SPOILERS] SPN 12x01 - Reaction Post

Okay, so I was days late for the party, I knew SPN was restarting in October, but I hadn't gotten around to actually noting the date, and last night I figured I should check, and, lo, it started last week. So I had surprise-new-SPN to watch \o/ It's a bloody good thing I don't spend any time at all in my tumblr timeline, because I can imagine I would have been epically spoiled and we all know how much I hate that.


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2016-05-27 02:04 am

[SPOILERS] Gifs: SPN S11 Finale

Just some gifs from the episode.

Made entirely in the terminal cos I'm getting a better result and it's quicker and I'm learning new things and shit \o/


Want, take, have, don't be a dick.

As for the rest of the ep, I can't even talk right now.

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2015-10-23 10:14 am

Shiny Happy People (spoilers for SPN S11 thru E03)

Spoiler warning for SPN 11x03 (and the previous eps in the season by default).

Spoilers )

[please don't tell me anything that might have been indicated regarding the rest of the season—I am spoiler-free, and prefer to remain that way, thank you]