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2014-07-05 04:07 pm

Teen Wolf S4 and the Sea of Negativity (spoiler-free)

Apparently there's drama in regards to this season's offerings so far. I only see it second hand, a couple people have mentioned it's getting pretty hairy out there. A few people have expressed that they feel as though they should feel guilty for enjoying Teen Wolf at the moment, others that have been attacked for a simple reaction tweet.

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2014-06-17 09:36 pm

How to Build a Spoiler-Proof Bubble

vamp's guide to avoiding spoilers, 4th wall fuckery, and/or conspiracy-theory-esque speculation


[personal profile] thraceadams woke me with a semi-panicked tweet this morning. It's not so much the spoilers themselves that are getting to her, but the reactions that are a bit much. I totally get that, it's actually a large part of why I bubble. @AbyNormal22 requested bubble tips as well, so here goes!



Kidding! OMG, I can hear the screams of terror from here.

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2014-02-26 09:49 am

The Rules - a few of my obsessive fandom behaviours

I'm a bit OCD about my fandom experience, lots of funny little do and do-not behaviours that upon explanation tend to be met with blinky stares. I was talking to [ profile] venis_envy the other day about it, and ended up writing a few of them down. While this is tongue-in-cheek and should be taken that way, to be quite honest, this is pretty much how I roll. So. Point, laugh, but go away with a little insight into my particular brand of insanity.

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2014-02-12 09:59 pm

In which I (maybe) figure out why so spoilerphobic while still lacking squee

I miss the days when I obsessed about canon. The days I would sit and transcribe the dialogue of Buffy and Angel episodes. I still have the Latin dictionary I bought to translate the spells and rituals in both series because I needed to know everything. I kept timelines and character bios (yep, that stuff was online, but I totally made my own cos it was fun!). I kept lists of little hints at Angel's history, with plans to fill in the gaps with canon-compliant fic. I wrote some of it, most is lost in the mists of time and a couple of dead computers, or if it remains, it's written longhand in battered, faded notebooks.

I cared, so much about the world and those characters.

I really miss that. I'm older now, busier. Nothing will ever replace Buffy et al as far as fandom goes. Teen Wolf comes damn close, but I haven't so far acquired that all consuming passion. I love it, the world, the concept, the characters, but I lack the fanaticism I felt when Buffy was the thing my world revolved around.

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