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Location:New Zealand
Website:My Fic on AO3

I'm a fanfiction author currently writing Supernatural and Teen Wolf fic, almost exclusively slash. Most people call me vamp.

My fic is archived at Archive of Our Own, and you can find me on Twitter and Ello. You can email me at

I don't friends-lock my posts, everything's public, so I don't grant access to everyone. I'm kind of saving that in case I ever need to vent privately/to my closest friends about anything. So far I haven't needed to, but you never know. Please don't be offended, and as I get to know you better, I might add you anyway :)

Transformative Works Policy/Blanket Permissions

Regarding spoilers...

I try to remain spoiler-free. I like to mainline my TV, so I wait until the entire season has aired before watching.

I don't view teasers, trailers, interviews etc. I'm very good at maintaining my spoiler-free bubble, so post what you like where you like, just please don't send them directly to me via comment on my fic or blog, or via twitter or email.

Once I've seen the season, though, anywhere I post that's 'mine' (my fic on AO3, my blog, twitter etc) is not to be assumed spoiler-free. I warn or refrain in public places like communities, however.

As of July 2015 I'm up to date with Teen Wolf through Season 4, with Supernatural through Season 10, The Walking Dead through Season 3, and Sherlock through Season 2.

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