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[personal profile] thraceadams woke me with a semi-panicked tweet this morning. It's not so much the spoilers themselves that are getting to her, but the reactions that are a bit much. I totally get that, it's actually a large part of why I bubble. @AbyNormal22 requested bubble tips as well, so here goes!



Kidding! OMG, I can hear the screams of terror from here.

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Wednesday, May 21st, 2014 08:02 am
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So apparently there's a promo out for Season 4? And before I freak out and shut them down in shoutycaps, people tell me it doesn't have any spoilers. But I know that every other single person in the world has a different concept of spoilers from me (a pic of Dylan with longer hair before I'd seen 3a freaked me out completely, for example), so despite assurances, I'm gripped with dread.

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Once every season (twice so far, and yes, technically that's just a coincidence, but come S4 it'll be a pattern), I disconnect from the collective fandom consciousness, and become one fan, floating around in the void1 of space on my own. If you're reading this, you likely know all about my spoilerphobia already, so I won't bother explaining the why.

It's hard, being all alone. To be a fan is to be a part of something bigger, and to voluntarily remove myself from that is like ripping out a part of me, but it's bearable, only because I know I get to reconnect at the end of the season.

Of course, when I do reestablish that connection, I don't know any of the new command codes.

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I miss the days when I obsessed about canon. The days I would sit and transcribe the dialogue of Buffy and Angel episodes. I still have the Latin dictionary I bought to translate the spells and rituals in both series because I needed to know everything. I kept timelines and character bios (yep, that stuff was online, but I totally made my own cos it was fun!). I kept lists of little hints at Angel's history, with plans to fill in the gaps with canon-compliant fic. I wrote some of it, most is lost in the mists of time and a couple of dead computers, or if it remains, it's written longhand in battered, faded notebooks.

I cared, so much about the world and those characters.

I really miss that. I'm older now, busier. Nothing will ever replace Buffy et al as far as fandom goes. Teen Wolf comes damn close, but I haven't so far acquired that all consuming passion. I love it, the world, the concept, the characters, but I lack the fanaticism I felt when Buffy was the thing my world revolved around.

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